What is it about female entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is a hot topic and gaining more and more momentum. We can see women beginning to rise up and take the bull by its horns. The age of the female entrepreneur seems to be finally upon us.

Females are set to do business differently than men thus with the rise of female entrepreneurs, it is safe to say, the culture of the business world is changing. This is according to executive general manager of Business Partners Limited, Gugu Mjadu.

Although not cut clear, there are differences that make a female’s way of doing business different to how a man would. “The emergence of female entrepreneurs has clearly shown that success is not dependent on the traditional male style of doing business. Research shows that businesses started and run by women survive just as well as male-run businesses,” says Mjadu.

There are a number characteristics that have been identified as common amongst female entrepreneurs, however not exclusive to them.

Multi-tasking, an ability that has been ascribed to women is very useful when starting up your own business. This will ring true when the entrepreneur has to wear several hats; from production manager, to sales manager to marketing manager, chief strategist and administrator.

Intuition is the undefinable, unmeasurable sense that helps with decision making when number and facts do not seem to help make a decision. Yes, everyone has it, but women are said to listen more carefully to theirs. This can be very helpful in business.

Other characteristics that have been identified include prudence, paying closer attention to detail, being commendable administrators, having greater empathy and being able to take and ask for advice.

There may be a lack of female entrepreneurs among superpower brands such as Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg, may lead to some suggesting only a male style of business will breed success, but it is still early days for women. Women like Oprah Winfrey however, show that women can compete, even at the same level, without losing their femininity.