Colouring the blank spaces outside the lines

For generations, inherent standards, norms and even ideologies have governed our way of life. In light of all man-made constructs to direct our behaviour, beliefs and even actions, when and how does the creativity thrive?

The metaphysical study of the nature of being and existence more popularly known as Ontology is a study that looks into how it is to ‘be’. We learn that we do not just exist. As much as we exist in external contexts in the world, we also exist in internal contexts, where our state of mind and ideologies change everything we perceive. Thanks to human volition and consciousness, we can choose our individual ontological states.  What does this all have to do with a creative? Pretty much everything.

By understanding that you choose how you want to be, outside of predetermined notions, outside of generational norms, outside of social constructs, we decide what we want to be.

One can either ‘be’ open or closed.

Being closed refers to a literal state of not being open to new ideas, strategies or ideologies. Closed beings criticize new ideas, the rebuke revolutions and colour within the lines. These people maintain what already exists and can only get along with those whom they have a tacit understanding about this way of being. The nature of being closed is to live a predictable, comfortable life. Refraining from the new and rather maintaining that which has been tried and true. Closed beings close themselves off to possibilities by choice.

You may be shaking your head at the thought of such rigidness but in all honestly, many people, even you, could be more closed than you realise.

Creativity tests closed people. When art disrupts a space, forces us to debate the artist’s intentions in order to deem it legitimate or sensational, our “closedness” is challenged.

When art forces us to think about matters we would rather ignore, our “closedness” is challenged.

It is often through creative expressions that our “closedness” is challenged and we can break down the barriers that keep us incarcerated.   

Being open is exciting and liberating. Open people live their lives with a sense of curiosity and an open-mindedness that allows then to learn from debates, changes beliefs and redefine themselves. People who are open see reality for what it is as well as what it can be. Nothing is fixed when you are open to possibilities. Nothing is impossible when you’re open to something new. The creativity of an open being is untamed and uncensored. Those who are open look for the box that many struggle to think out of and because of that, creativity dwells most among the open.

By being open, one allows oneself to live an exploratory life, one allows oneself to colour within the blank spaces that exist outside of the lines.