Celebrating Excellence: (Nov) Employee-of-the-Month

Whenever the time to celebrate a new employee of the month comes along, excitement fills the air in the Rethaka factory. 

This month, Miemie Seilane take the title of Employee-of-the-Month!

Former secretary, Miemie is using her dexterous people skills to make the Rethaka factory a happy home.

The hard-working mother of two has been apart of the Rethaka family for a year and 7 months. She works in the washing and unbranding station. 

Miemie says she has learned more about people at Rethaka. She explains how everyday, there are new insights from stories told. She finds this constant learning fruitful. She explains how she has learned so much about plastic. 

A special characteristic about Miemie apart from her striking smile, is her positive attitude. Everyday presents a new challenge for her. With each day and each order, she puts a new goal to look forward to. She describes her job as challenging but interesting and because  of this, loves it. 

We are absolutely blessed to have Miemie as a part of our family. She brings light, laughter and the kind of energy that keeps the team moving. Miemie is truly a asset and a deserving employee of the month! 

From Rethaka, thank you and congratulations Ous' Miemie!

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