Save the child you once were

Ursula K. Le Guin said 'The creative adult is the child who has survived' a very long time and how accurate was he? How true is this for you?

After Thato Kgatlhanye’s internship in New York with best-selling author and widely acclaimed mentor Seth Gordon, Gordon asked her what her next step and plan was. She had not ironed it all out in her head yet so there were two options; go out, get a job and get industry experience or “the idea of the bags.” Gordon asked Thato what scared her most and it was the bags so Gordon told her to do that and of course Thato wanted to know why she was being encouraged to tackle the thing that scared her most and Gordon replied, “find out why it scares you. Learn to dance with fear.”

Thato did just that. And because of her courage to imagine a future she would need to create herself, Repurpose Schoolbags were borne. 4000 children today are able to go home after school and practise their math sums or improve their reading because of these Repurpose Schoolbags. But we are not all as brave as Thato. We let our imaginations die and creativity sleep. We give up the dream that the child in us built and relished.

How often do you wish you could just save enough to start something of your own? How often to you wish you could study something different, something in line with your passion? How many days of the week is waking up in the morning daunting?

What would your 9 year old self say to you today? Would he or she be proud of whom you have become? Are YOU proud?

Fear is killed more dreams than failure. Creativity is starved by fear. Imagination is crippled by fear. Rid yourself of this inhibiting feeling and find true happiness. Save the child you once were.