All aboard the recycle train

Yes, yes, I know you have heard the recycling talk more than once, but it's time to stop thinking about creating your own recycling bin or calling up a recycling company, and time to get on the recycling train TODAY! 

Have you ever heard the saying "leave this place in the same condition as you'd like to find it,"                      well then... why don't we apply this saying to the natural environment in which we live? The answer is simple, we are lazy. We use the same answers for everything, "I just don't have time." or "Its just too much effort." The truth is we need to focus more time and energy in taking care of our home- Earth.

We do believe however, if more people knew how to recycle in South Africa, perhaps we would see an increase in our recycling efforts. If you are that person looking for guidance check out this webpage for help. 

Based on figures from the department of environmental affairs, South Africa generates waste with an estimated total resource value of R25.2 billion a year, with about 90% of all waste generated still sent to landfills.  Almost every hour 250,000 plastic bags are dumped, and the average time it takes for them to decompose is close to 500 years. This pretty much means we are still surrounded by our great great great great grandparents trash! Thats gross.

Here at Rethaka we really aim to reduce waste sent to landfills through the collection of plastic which we use to create our repurpose bags. If you are interested in helping us out, you can drop plastic bags off at our collection points at St Stithies, St peters and Rivonia primary school.   

Did you know South africans consume approximately 8 billion plastic bags annually and it only takes 40 plastic bags to make one of our repurpose school bags and change a child's life.

Come on...lets recycle and make a difference.



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