"If it glows in the dark or sings, it's a winner!"

The story behind our social innovation

If we could change the experience of going to school for a child living in a rural area, what would this look like? 

This is how we began on a journey that led us to design not just a schoolbag, but rather a companion for a child with a burning hunger to learn.  A companion that would stay up with a child that would love to "burn the midnight oil" but literally does not have that luxury to do so.  One that would be by the side of a child who braves the 5AM darkness and cold on their walk to school, just to get a chance to raise their hand in class.  

With all those reasons hanging over our heads, we had no choice but to come up with something remarkable.  We originally started with Repurpose schoolbag that was made from plastic bags. Sure it was exciting that the plastic bag would stop being our national flower, but what else could this schoolbag do for the child carrying it? A mentor by the name of Kevin Collins got our minds thinking when he said something as a joke but it ended up being profound:  "If it glows in the dark or it can sing, it's a winner!"

In the end we figured out how to make it glow in the dark through retro-reflective material and more importantly integrating solar technology. We will admit that the answer didn't come as a stroke of genius. It came from a lot of "back to the drawing board" moments and coming up with ideas that were not easy to do but ideas that matter. We've put together some "BEFORE", "AFTER" AND "EVER AFTER" pictures to share our growth and development.

 We haven't quite got our Repurpose Schoolbag to sing yet, but we think what we have will do for now!