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At the Rethaka Foundation we share our overall mission with the Rethaka Group – to be invested in Resourcing Africa's Future. This mission is the guiding star for everything we do and inspires our work in low income communities to ensure access to education by children, the empowerment of women through skills development and the sustainability of the environment. We work as a catalysts, sharing knowledge, innovating, leading by example to do our part in the development of the African continent.

We believe in doing more with less which is why the Rethaka Group covers our operational costs, so 100% of what is gifted to us by our Giving partners funds our initiatives.


Our launch initiative is based on the radical innovation known as the Repurpose Schoolbag: which is a solar-powered schoolbag that doubles as a light to study at night. We up-skill and partner with women in low-income communities to manufacture our bags which are then gifted to children who are on a mission to lift themselves out of poverty through education.


To do successfully distribute our Repurpose Schoolbags to schools that need them the most, we partner with our community of purpose-driven and generous individuals and corporates who we call our “Giving Partners”.


It all started with a radically bold idea. Today, that idea has changed lives and communities across the African continent in ways we never imagined.

Since we began our work in 2014, we have moved mountains to grow from the Repurpose Schoolbag idea to a fully-fledged organization that does work that matters and what humbles us is that we are only just getting started. We’ve been blessed at Rethaka Foundation to serve alongside individuals and corporates who put up their hands over the years to pick themselves to work with us to make a tangible impact in the lives of others. Personally, it’s been an incredibly fulfilling journey to lead and do work that exemplifies what a world based on dignity, not charity looks like. In the end, history will tell a story of how we made a dent in the world.

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