10 Reasons for Students to Start Blogging

Student Blogging


First of all, blogging is writing, 21st-century style, plain and easy. Blogging constitutes a large genre. It comes in many forms, addresses myriad topics, and might certainly direct quality.

Here are the ways blogs can benefit students.

1. Blogs are authentic.

If you’re searching for ways to possess students who write that reach real instead of “pretend” audiences, I can’t consider a stronger format than blogging.

2. Blogs allow students to relinquish their voice to their passions.

Blogs are an immensely versatile, energizing medium. Google practically any topic and add the word “best blog” to your search, and your little question will find quality writing thereon subject. What you’ll discover within the process is an underlying passion nursed by someone for pretty much anything under the sun. Now, imagine putting that power within the hands of students?

3. Blogs invite feedback.

As students unleash their passions, they need to learn to reply to and learn from readers within the style of comments. Testing our ideas on others is a crucial part of our growth. As a commentary teacher, I’ve made that case for years, yet when my students blog, I don’t should argue it so fervently. The responses argue on behalf of me.

4. Blogs recognize processes.

By design, blogs are shared in media, recording the method of how inspiration or project develops over time.


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5. Blogs provide opportunities for normal writing practice.

Blogs require a commitment to writing, learning, and growing over a long-standing time.

6. Students can experiment with different media formats.

I know of no other medium that so seamlessly allows us to blend text, image, sound, and video to speak a message so thoroughly to so wide an audience.

7. Blogging broadens students’ perspectives and connects them to the globe.

The first dot from someone outside your home country that appears in your Cluster Map or in your host site’s analytics could be a big moment. The globe suddenly reveals to you. Next, you may receive an email from someone curious about collaborating on a project or someone who wants to share the subtle differences in how she addresses your topic in her own personal circumstances halfway across the world.

8. Blogging teaches transparency.

Transparency may be a tough one. We all talk a decent game about being transparent, but when it comes right down to it, it’s a skill and a disposition that are difficult to master.

9. Blogs can create opportunities for positive change.

Because of their power in-tuned witness, to connect, to encourage conversation and build civil discourse, to change world views, blogs like Newtoki News have an incredible potential permanently.

Reality Check

Lest you’re thinking that I’ve spent an excessive amount of time under a rock taking note of the old Coca-cola commercial, “I’d prefer to Teach the globe to Sing….” I’m no Pollyanna, that’s needless to say.