Destiny Number : Using It as a Guide in Pursuing a Vocation or Higher Education

Numerology is an ancient science that originated in Greece and borne of insights gathered by Pythagoras in his systematic study of numbers and their vibrations. Yet only a few people understand how and why certain numbers have vibrations and meanings. The numbers linked to each person are considered important in getting insights about traits and capabilities that will bring about the fulfillment of one’s destiny.

Calculating a Destiny Number

A destiny number is based on the numerical equivalent of a birth date, let’s say March 16, 2003. The numerical value is 03+16+2003. Add up the values until you arrive at a single digit:
3 (0+3) + 7 (1+6) + 5 (2+0+0+3) =15
Destiny Number is 1 + 5 = 6

Here’s the fun part, every destiny number represents traits and characteristics that will set a person in his life path. In which case and for practical purposes, a person can choose to take up a technical vocation or college education as a path toward a profession or career. When engaged in that profession or career, his or her capabilities can be harnessed toward the achievement of aspirations and ambitions.

On the other hand, a person may choose to think that his capabilities alone will place him or her in the right life path. The reality however is that people move in a world where there are requisites and metrics since others also want to achieve their life’s destiny. Moreover, what’s the use of having insights about strengths and weaknesses if we ignore their potential impact on our future success.

What a Destiny Number Signifies in Terms of Traits

In the Pythagorean Method, the numbers 1 to 9 are taken into consideration. Below are the inferences derived from each number and their corresponding vibrations:

1 : This number implies leadership, pioneering, innovation or always being ahead of a trend or group. Your lifes path is toward taking control to ensure fulfillment of a goal at the topmost level.

2 : This destiny number denotes inclination or willingness to listen and help in the achievement of peace through diplomacy.

3 : People with this destiny number places great value in creativity and feel quite at home in the fields of art, literature and theatrical projects.

4 : This destiny number is for the typically idealistic who always chooses to commit to practical and straightforward methods, over frivolous concepts and undertakings just to attain completion or conclusion of achievements.

5 : This destiny number leans on the exxentric side as there’s always a chance of getting torn between idealism and skepticism. Mainly because of preference for plain and simple logic without having to face challenges that emerge as barriers against progress.

6 : This is the destiny number of people with strong paternal or maternal instincts. Caring and giving comfort to others gives them happiness, which they don’t experience with other secular or non-benevolent professions.

7 : While perfection is important to people with this destiny number, they cannot rest until they have analyzed and proven a concept they firmly believe in as spiritually good or be of guidance for others.

8 : This destiny number pertains to hard workers who do not lose hope and drive in fulfilling their ambition even when encountering failures or setbacks. Actually, the 808 Angel Number is a sign coming from guiding astral forces that urge those who firmly believe in their ambition to not stray or to lose sight of their goal

9 : This is the destiny number of people who are highly intellectual and at the same time have deep compassion for others. They become leaders with loyal followers because people recognize their strength and genuine devotion to a cause.