Educate Before You Donate

Its role is growing every day – it becomes a systemic process in which more and more people are involved every day. According to statistics, the segment of the middle class remains the most active.

Over the past 10 years, the amount of donations in it has increased to 50%. The targets were predominantly small children, the poor, and religious organizations.

What is charity

Charity is a free type of assistance that is carried out for the benefit of third parties and does not have a commercial basis. A distinctive feature of the process is the independent choice of the type of donation, its size, place and time of delivery.

The only reason for doing a good deed is to show kindness, mercy and compassion, a desire to help and develop society. Donations are made in favor of citizens or legal entities with their further implementation (in the form of financial, organizational or other type of assistance).

Forms of charity

Charity can take the following forms of expression:

  • material (monetary) assistance for the needs of society;
  • transfer of clothing, footwear, food and other resources;
  • financing the development of various fields of activity (science, culture);
  • performance of works (services) free of charge;
  • organization of normal conditions for the provision of charity;
  • implementation of auctions, competitions, lotteries;
  • other types of donation fees.

Types of charity

Corporate charity

It involves the provision of assistance from commercial firms, companies and enterprises in favor of people in need according to the conditions of social projects. Projects can be both their own and outsiders (strangers). The main activity of a legal entity may not be related to the area of ​​investing money.

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Within this definition, there is another type of benefactors – charitable foundations. For a charitable foundation, raising funds and money for treatment is the main job. Funds are opened in the form of non-profit organizations and are not entitled to receive other income.

Private charity

This is the name of the most common type of donation today. In this case, money is donated by ordinary citizens (individuals) for specific purposes, including: treatment of a child (children) with a rare disease, purchasing medicine or equipment to the hospital.

A charitable foundation receives an application about the need to raise money, after which the volunteers check it and look for the best solutions. The greatest support for private charity is enjoyed by orphanages, societies of disabled people or veterans, hospices and others.


In fact, this definition is translated as “love for people.” It is often identified with charity itself. This is partly true. In practice, both concepts manifest themselves as the distribution of resources in favor of others. The difference is that philanthropy means helping people exclusively. That is, it’s all about motivation.


Patronage differs from the basic concept in that it has a narrower sphere of direction. The patron provides assistance to objects in the following areas of expertise: the science, culture, art.

In fact, he is not interested in supporting a specific person, but in the development of an entire industry, its role in society. For example, a philanthropist finances an artist not because he is everyday and needs money, but because he is an artist and has talent.