Education in the Sport Bowling

Skittles professionally do not steer the ball directly into all ten pins but lets it spin properly.

The sport could be compared to golf, says Andreas Bösiger, explaining the requirements of professional bowling, managing director of the Timeout Bowling Center in Spiez, where indoor golf and billiards are also played. Tournaments have been held there regularly since it was founded six years ago. He is motivated to pass on his knowledge to the next generation. It requires the right infrastructure, twelve perfect lanes, enough space for commissioning, professional display devices or machines, oil paintings, and an attractive display of the best bowling balls that you can check out.


Young people will judge you

“It is time to give bowling more importance in Switzerland too,” says Andreas Bösiger, formulating his plans. On Wednesday afternoons, they offer a two-hour bowling course that benefits trainers to learn the basics in bowling as well as education to children and young adults. If there are enough youngsters, both the state and the medal table of the sport could rise, as other countries prove. In some Southeast Asian countries, bowling is the number one national sport.

Also for adults

“In the canton of Bern some bowling alleys have been built in the last few years, but they are mostly aimed at a fun-oriented audience,” says Andreas Bösiger, also a high-performance athlete. On the one hand, this requires a good deal of speed, but above all a lot of routine and knowledge. “To protect them, the strips are prepared with different oils,” explains the professional and shows sheets of paper with diagrams of different lengths and profiles that are stored in a folder.


Playing for promotion

A company league with promotion and relegation rounds in the time-out bowling alley and based on national tournaments is the dream of Andreas Bösiger. There are no special requirements for entry. According to the head of the center, the most vital part is to enjoy the sport. At the entrance, you can already see the next group of young people who want an introduction to bowling. If you’re aiming to be a serious bowling player, expect about six hours of coaching a week, together with the tournament on weekends. It doesn’t sound like an exaggeration, and anyone who succumbs to the fascination of turning the ball on the magical oil trail likes to plan this time alongside homework or work.