Education: Healthy and dynamic school

Physical, emotional and social well-being contribute significantly to successful learning. That is why the holistic promotion of the health of students is an important aspect of everyday school life. At home, babies and toddlers should start learning with their daily fun activities. Deals on baby and toddler strollers either online or in nearby shops can help parents buy the best for their children.

Move: Learning with the whole body and all senses

Child learning is learning with the whole body and all senses. In addition to physical education, extra-curricular school sports are another essential component of school exercise, games and sports education. This includes the active breaks in the court, the sports groups in the open all day, the school sports festivals or sports within the framework of school festivals, school sports competitions as well as sports days and school trips with a sports focus.

In recent years, exercise has gained in importance in other subjects as well as in the sports lessons, as well as in all of school life. With short breaks in movement in the classroom and/or in the schoolyard, teachers want to improve the willingness to learn and receptivity of the pupils. In addition, the children are not only encouraged in their intellectual abilities, but their physical and emotional needs are given more consideration as well.

Nutrition: Healthy and balanced diet

In addition to physical balance, a healthy and balanced diet creates another important basis for the necessary energy and stamina for concentrated, creative learning.

In each class, the teachers have to make sure that the children can enjoy their lunch in a quiet atmosphere. This way, students can learn that conscious, communal eating supports not only the feeling of satiety but communal behavior as well.

Learning through fun activities

Courtyard breaks: Schools should regularly offer breaks under the motto “active break” in the schoolyard, as well as recreational breaks with relaxation exercises in the gym.

Sports days:  As a school community, children, parents, teachers start together and thus not only strengthen endurance and health but also the sense of community and identification with the school.