Educational Charities that Inspire Us

The goal of every charitable endeavor should be to improve the quality of life for future generations. What could be more effective than investing in today’s youth so that they may one day realize their full potential? Organizations dedicated to education work toward this end, striving to safeguard the next generation against the escalating global difficulties they will inevitably encounter.

In the USA, Scholarships Are A Must

Scholarship America is a huge charitable academic support organization that has donated approximately $4 billion to millionsĀ of students all over the United States, expanding from its humble beginnings as a proposal dubbed “Dollars for Scholars” conceived with Doctor Irving Fradkin in 1958.

The ProLiteracy

To ensure that every adult in the United States has access to opportunities to improve their literacy and realize their full potential, ProLiteracy operates a vast nationwide network that provides excellent literacy education and support.

The Children Around the World

Originally established in 1936 as the Holy Land Christian Mission, Children International has grown significantly since its humble beginnings as a food basket program. It changed its name in 1989 to better represent its streamlined objective, which is now focused on sponsoring children to assist them to escape poverty and achieve success.