Enhancing Public School Libraries through Book Donations

Libraries are important educational facilities, particularly for students. It may also be beneficial for educators and/or instructors. They serve as study areas, quiet retreats, and even safe spaces in classrooms. However, not all libraries have the same selection of books, to start.


Considering that educational organizations typically allocate resources for their care, a look inside school libraries might provide a distinct perspective. However, public school libraries frequently end up with the short end of the stick.


Philippine Book Distribution Program 

A top global money transfer and payment services corporation, MANILA Philippines,  has donated 28,000 books to the Philippines to empower Filipino children through education. MoneyGram, in collaboration with The Asia Foundation, donated books that were distributed to more than 30 public schools in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao.


The Purpose of Book Donations


According to Yogesh Single, senior director of MoneyGram Asia, the books and educational materials aim to improve children’s English language proficiency, professional skills, and knowledge of business, legal, and scientific, and also instill in young children a love of reading that is essential to literacy.


The launch of the Philippine book distribution program is just the start of a broader global giving initiative in Asia that aims to equip children with knowledge.