How to Engage with Schools and Charities

We look at some of the challenges charities encounter when partnering with schools, such as ensuring student safety and demonstrating the effectiveness of their efforts.


The Collaboration Formation

In order to properly serve young people, charities must also make sure they can forge solid links with schools. This should involve introducing charity workers to school staff prior to the start of the project. Early on, any potential non-negotiable elements of their work should be made clear to schools.

Supporting the Mental Health of Young People

Being able to address vulnerable children’s mental health needs on-site, wherever they spend a lot of time throughout the week and frequently feel really comfortable, is one of the top advantages of partnering with universities for charities. The recent statistics demonstrate how urgently charities need to assist.

Having an Effect

The Institute for Learning and Children also exhorts charities and educational institutions to collaborate in evaluating the results of their work with students. Both quantitative and qualitative information should be used in this. It’s important to write impact assessments in an interesting manner. According to the Centre, this makes it easier for charities and schools to identify what worked well and what should be enhanced.