How To Prepare For Your Upcoming Exam

When we’re in school or we are studying, exams are unavoidable. With the right preparation, you can reduce your stress and anxiety of it and at the same time dramatically increase the chance of getting a better grade in your test or in your exam. Here are some of the guides in preparing for your upcoming exam or test.

Is There A Best Way To Prepare For Your Exam?

Studying all night is a hard work. Working through your presentation slides and your scripts, memorizing and solving all the math formulas and technical terms, all of this is not fun at all. But it has to be done because it is a part of preparing for your exam.

Visualize Your Goals

You have to stay motivated. You should always think about what you are learning so hard for. Visualize your goals. However, this does not mean the best possible exam grade. Instead, make yourself clear what ends up being: A good degree will improve your chances of applying and thus the chances of a well-paid desired job. This in turn allows you to live a financially freer life. You will already notice that the more concretely you are aware of the goal, the greater the motivation to learn.

Creating Your Own Learning Environment

Its been proven that your environment has an enormous impact on learning success. Do you have a musty, dark room and a messy desk? This will make it even more difficult. The preparation for the exam also includes providing a quiet, light-flooded place in advance, free of distractions. Turn off your smartphone and your music. Organize a comfortable seat and desk but not too comfortable so you won’t fall asleep on it, but so pleasant that you can endure a few hours there. And you should always sit up straight. This improves your oxygen supply.

Limit Your Learning Material

Take your time and get an overview of your learning materials. First, collect all the important content, notes, scripts, practice tasks and presentation slides of the lectures – and then narrow down the material: What is relevant to the exam? This way you can handle your learning time more efficiently.

Summarize The Content

Summarize your notes and what you have learned again and again in your own words this has already been proven 100 times. Not only do you repeat the learning content, you need to mentally structure, combine, compress it. As a result, you will become more and more imprinted. However, the summaries do not have to be produced only in text form. You can also use mind maps, sketch notes , or flowcharts. To better remember learning content, you should include several sensory impressions. For example, record your summaries as an audio file and listen to them again and again while driving to university or on the go.

Take A Break

Your brain is not infinitely receptive. On average, it takes a quarter of an hour’s break after 90 minutes at the latest. After a maximum of three units, you should again suspend for at least one hour. Otherwise, you will be able to concentrate less and worse, learn less and keep less. Regular breaks, paradoxical as it sounds, are an effective way to prepare for exams. During this time, please do something completely different. Afterwards, your brain is fit and receptive to the cloistered substance again.