Transportation Dispatchers – Traits and Skills that Make Their Services Valuable

Trucking companies nowadays use transportation dispatch software, yet they still need to hire efficient dispatchers who assist in the deployment of vehicles. Although scheduling and logistics can be carried out using the weather reports and traffic data collected by the transportation dispatch software, a skillful dispatcher analyzes the information, so he or she can make sound decisions when sending out drivers to carry out job orders.


A transportation dispatch software automates some of the important clerical aspects of a dispatcher’s job. Yet its program and automation features are only as good as the person handling the related traffic and weather information in relation to customer orders. Still, a dispatcher’s knowledge of computers comes in handy when scheduling, organizing and monitoring drivers in the execution of their dispatch orders.

Required Educational Attainment to Become a Transportation Dispatcher

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED certificate will suffice as educational attainment for an entry level position as a transportation dispatcher. Yet having a bachelor or an associate’s degree gives an employee an edge over others in terms of career advancements or promotions.

Transportation dispatchers spend most of their working hours communicating with customers and drivers, which makes fluency in speaking native English important. In some cases the ability to speak fluently in a second language is an advantage, especially in multiracial regions. Moreover, professional certifications related to transportation or trucking services such as Basic Life Support (BLS), Commercial Driver License (CDL), and Core Knowledge in CPR can increase an applicant’s chances of landing a job as transportation dispatcher .

Important Work Traits and Skills to Become a Successful Transport Dispatcher

Transport dispatchers with exceptional organizational and clerical skills are valuable traits since keeping records readily accessible makes it easier for fleet managers to keep track of schedules, routes and personnel. Furthermore, the ability to remain calm when working under pressure, while multitasking at the same time are capabilities that can help a dispatcher cope with the demands of the job.

Since transport dispatchers work in a fast-paced environment, the ability to relay timely information clearly makes for an exceptional communication skill. Those who have become adept in handling unexpected obstacles to minimize if not avert potential negative impact, can leverage their work experience in negotiating for higher remunerations.

What Are the Ideal Personality Traits of a Good Dispatcher?

The ideal transportation dispatcher is reliable, resourceful, flexible and extroverted as these are traits that clients look for from their transport service providers. Having strong interpersonal skills are very important, which means an ideal dispatcher is able to maintain good relationships not only with customers but also with fellow dispatchers, truck drivers and fleet managers.

Bear in mind that a transportation dispatch software provides solutions as tech support to ensure that the company’s day-to-day operations are carried out cost-effectively and with utmost efficiency. Yet they cannot replace the basic skills and traits that provide the human touch customers look for from service providers.