E‐cars for the Youth Welfare


The use of Electric Motors to Neutralize the Climate: Youth Welfare Offices and Schools and Education Offices are transforming.

The General Social Welfare E-Car

“The road to climate-neutral requires big and courageous steps, but many small and medium-sized decisions also make important contributions, so my youth, education, health, The Equal Opportunity Department will take every opportunity to switch to e-mobility when buying a new car, “said Ulrike Gote, a city council member, who introduced the electronic car or the e-car for general social services and support for the children and the adolescent’s increase. From the youth welfare offices and schools and office education. “In particular, many city trips are more ecologically manageable, but quieter and cleaner.”


Fund for the Climate Protection

Part of the overall mobility turnaround strategy, Children And just the beginning of a whole series of nine-seat electric car changes to promote youth. In addition to the minibusses, a variety of power-assisted bicycles, cargo bikes, and e-scooters will be raised and delivered early next year from Kassel’s ongoing investment in climate protection. “This puts a variety of projects on the new foot in open children and youth work, school social work, and the child and youth development. We are on the lookout for the transition to mobility. As a result, we are improving our offering too many to the youth groups who can use some of their vehicles through the loan system, “added by the city council.



For the general social welfare offices of the youth welfare offices, as well as schools and education offices, e-cars are important and are already a natural means of transportation to urban families and schools. “But we will also switch to electric motors in the youth welfare of housing groups, where minibusses will be used for longer excursions. This is a practice-oriented education for the sustainable development of young people. We are one step closer to our goal of making Cassel climate-neutral by 2030, ” Gote concludes.

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